I lecture frequently in Britain, Europe and elsewhere. Here are some of my lectures which have proved popular with audiences of all types. E-mail me if you have a function or group at which you would like me to speak.

Archaeology Lectures
Tons of Gold
and Healing Snakes
The romantic story of Pergamon in Asia Minor and its short-lived dynasty of eccentric kings.
The Valley of
the Kings
Egypt's Valley of the Kings holds many secrets and Tutankhamun's tomb is only one of them.
The Early Pyramids The first of the Pyramids Trilogy, the lecture tells the story of the first pyramid.
The Great Pyramids The second of the Pyramids Triology, the lecture explores the three pyramids of Gizeh.
The Pyramid
Builders of Kahun
The final lecture of the Pyramids Trilogy, which examines the mystery of the last pyramids built in Egypt.
Petra, the Rose-red
The city carved out of beautifully coloured sandstone, where new discoveries are being made daily.
City of Gold
A tour around the archaeological and historical treasures of my favourite city.
The Treasures of
In this lecture I tell of the tragic background to Egypt's boy king, before showing the treasures of his tomb.
The Pythoness
of Delphi
The foremost oracle of the ancient world counselled kings with cryptic messages - but why did they stop?
The Heretics
of Languedoc
The amazing and grisly story of the Albigensian Crusade, which succeeded, and the Hussite Crusade, which failed.
Magna Graecia The Greek settlements of Sicily and southern Italy were the richest and most luxurious cities in the world - Sybaris became a catchphrase for wanton luxury.
The Marathon
A day by day diary of the events that led up to the most important battle ever fought - a fascinating insight into the world of ancient Greece.
Ten Years to Thermopylae
Recommended to follow the Marathon lecture, this lecture traces the people and places involved in the epochal battle of Thermopylae. Using original sources and detailed geographical knowledge, many myths about the battle are debunked, leaving increased respect for Greek courage and ingenuity.
Holy Salamis
Recommended to follow the Thermopylae lecture, this lecture examines the background to the Athenian fleet which won the stunning victory at Salamis. It takes up the story of what happened as the Greeks retreated from Artemisium and Thermopylae and traces events to the victorious conclusion in the narrow straits at Salamis.
Immortality and
A thousand sacred prostitutes made "Corinthian girl" a synonym for free and easy sex - but St Paul had immortality in mind when he wrote his famous letter.
The Cloud of
The story of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.
Religious lectures
Dead Men Do
Tell Tales
The science of archaeology provides support for the history and prophecy of the Bible.
The Glenmoriston
The amazing story of the mysterious footprints that have marked the grass of a Scottish glen for 180 years.
Aswan and the
An American grave robber's unconscious bequest gives the date for a remarkable prophecy about the Messiah.
Belisarius and
Two men who, between them, set up and destroyed the political power of a venerable institution.
Beth Shearim and
the Gates of Death
Jewish rabbis fitted their tombs with doors in preparation for the resurrection - but what does the Bible say about death?
Hierapolis and Hell Pluto, the god of Hades, reigned in Hierapolis, for anyone who entered his temple courtyard dropped dead - so what is Hades?
Kom Ombo and the
Cornflakes King
What is the link between the crocodile temple of southern Egypt and the cornflakes on your breakfast table?
X-rated lecture
The Pleasures
of Pompeii
The ancient Romans were not noted for their sexual morality and the erotic carvings and paintings from Pompeii shocked their discoverers.
This lecture contains explicit material which some audiences may find offensive.

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