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This is a rollicking "Boys' Own" tale of the Crusades. Those who worry about such things can rest assured that it all ends happily - well, more or less happily. Boy gets girl, girl gets boy, with lots of adventures along the way.


Fuad was a real page turner (well page clicker) and I enjoyed it a lot. As I recently watched the DVD of "Kingdom of Heaven" I recognized several characters in your narrative, Balian of Ibelin and Guy de Lusignan. I enjoyed Faud's use of the sling and would have liked more. You certainly sound like you've used a sling yourself.

I think you handled the story and the Muslim/Christian discussion very well. Bishop John Hind made a similar point during his sermon at Worth Abbey last Saturday about Muslims and Christians generally coexisting quite peaceably with trouble only being stirred up by fanatics on both sides.