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This is a collection of articles on various archaeological subjects, which may or may not have appeared in our magazines in the past.

Persecution 20 Jul 2014
Ancient Assyrian statues are just one of the targets for persecution under ISIS fundamentalists
ISIS and the Prophet Jonah 12 Jul 2014
Madmen with hammers hope to earn favour with God but may be opening the way for archaeology.
Abraham in Ur 06 Jul 2014
If there are two or more cities called Ur, which one was Abraham's home town?
Great Bristol Box Mystery 01 Jul 2014
Objects from Sir Leonard Woolley's excavations at Ur are mysteriously found in Bristol!
Where David slew Goliath 22 Jul 2013
If King David really existed, this is precisely the sort of administrative centre we would expect to find!
Vestal Virgins Get Plaited 11 Jan 2013
When a Vestal Virgin did her hair it took seven plaits, three knots and a length of rope to hold it all in place!
Cut Throats and Inflated Chests 18 Dec 2012
Did Rameses III's cravat hide a dreadful secret? Worse than the inflated chest of the mummy by his side?
Sumerian Climate Change 05 Dec 2012
Did ancient climate change bring about the fall of the Sumerian civilisation - or was it just smart Akkadians?
The Murdered Red-head 16 Nov 2012
The British Museum's most popular mummy turns out to be a murder victim!
Destroy the Pyramids! 14 Nov 2012
Muslim fanatic Murgan Salem al-Gohari calls for the "idols" in Egypt to be destroyed.
The Breakthrough that Isn't 22 Oct 2012
Over-hyped press releases are the source of endless frustration and not a little cynicism.
Who robbed the Bent Pyramid? 04 Oct 2012
Others devise theories about how the pyramids were built; Cintec's MD has a theory about how they fell down.
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