Digging in Bible Lands

Title page of Lesson 1 In 1989, following the success of the Digging Up The Past videos, David Down wrote a series of lessons that covered many of the same topics as the videos. These study guides have proved immensely popular. As a non-profit educational foundation, Digging Up The Past offers the lessons free of charge - though we never say "No" to donations and gifts in support of our work!

A revised and up-dated version of the course, Digging In Bible Lands, is available via e-mail and the Internet. Use the form below to apply and we will set up a Student Site for you, to which your lessons will be uploaded. We will then send you an e-mail with details of your Student Site. Each lesson contains an easy questionnaire, which you can fill out and return to us, after which the next lesson is made available to you.

The thirteen-lesson course is offered completely free of charge and without obligation. You may, however, be sent information about our tours.

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