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As well as the Digging in Bible Lands course we have a number of other courses based on archaeology and the Bible. We recommend that you start with the Digging in Bible Lands course, which lays a good foundation for the other courses, but if you wish to go straight to one of the others, you may do so.

Digging in Bible
This is the foundation course that introduces you to Middle Eastern history and archaeology. We recommend that you do this course before the others. (13 lessons)
Digging Deeper This course delves into ancient literature as well as archaeology to investigate some of the most fascinating links between archaeology and the Bible. (13 lessons)
The Mysteries of
The course examines the historical background to the book of Daniel and then uses history, both ancient and modern, to propose interpretations for the symbolic prophecies of that book. In addition some of the important teachings of the Bible are explored. (29 lessons)
Digging Up the
The Revelation of St John, as the book is commonly called, is set in a particular historical context, which must affect our interpretation of the prophecies it contains. (10 lessons)

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