Second Intermediate Period

Thirteenth to Seventeenth Dynasties - 1786-1575 BC

Some authorities prefer to date this period from the Fifteenth Dynasty. Little is known about the Thirteenth Dynasty, which may have been contemporaneous with either the Twelfth or the Fourteenth Dynasties (or both!) and the Fourteenth Dynasty consisted of 50 pharaohs who ruled on average less than three years each.

The monuments record four Hyksos kings: Akenenre Apopi, Nebkhepeshre Apop, Seweserenre Khayan and Aweserre Apopi, the last of whom reigned for at least 33 years. The Turin Canon records 76 names in this period, most of which are mutilated and fragmentary. 11 kings of Dynasty XVII are attested by the monuments, but only the last three can be placed in sequence and they are:

  1. Senakhtenre Tao
  2. Sekenenre Tao
  3. Wadjkheperre Kamose