Google Earth

These are just a few of the many sites in Jordan.

Site Coordinates Comments
al-Ajlun 32 20 38.85N
35 44 06.77E
An excellent picture of the castle on its commanding hilltop.
Callirhoe 31 35 51.75N
35 33 43.19E
The picture is not clear enough to be sure that I have the right place, but the present hot springs are just to the north where the wadi comes down to the sea.
Petra 30 19 24.99N
35 28 03.03E
The coordinates are of the ticket office. You can follow the line of photographs west into the heart of Petra. Our hotel is just to the north.
Machaerus 31 34 02.65N
35 37 27.64E
The picture is rather unclear and it is not until you tilt the map that you realise you are looking at a hilltop. The photographs on Google Earth are worth viewing.
Jerash 32 16 38.98N
35 53 26.93E
The Oval Forum is the most distinctive feature of Jerash. The shadows of the pillars that surround it can be clearly seen.