Diggings Terms

We will always do our best to deal with orders as soon as possible, however if we are away on tour or delivering lectures in some place, there will inevitably be a delay in filling orders. Provided we have internet access - which most places have these days - we will let you know of such circumstances.

Because DVDs can be copied so easily and because, alas, there are dishonest people in the world, we do not offer refunds on DVDs. If a DVD is damaged in the post we will replace it with the same DVD, but there will be a delay while we try to ensure that the damage is not repeated. (American postmen are particularly careless with postal items, for some reason, and neither snow nor rain nor heat nor the best modern packaging stays these couriers from the swift destruction of anything put into their hands.)

Our postal address is:
66 Ffordd Pennant
Gallt Melyd
LL19 8PE
Our phone number is: