We have a range of videos related to history and archaeology. Please click on the individual links to learn more.

Please note that we are no longer able to offer any videos in the American NTSC format, as our supplier has recently died and we have not located another. However all is not lost! I have only had one person report back that the PAL videos could not be played and watched on his DVD equipment - and he was able to use his laptop to watch them. However please be aware of this fact, as we cannot offer a refund if the DVDs will not play on American equipment. Sorry.

Archaeology Unearthed
An introduction to archaeology and archaeological techniques
Tales from Byzantium
The fascinating tales from Byzantium, the city on the Golden Horn.
Finds or Frauds?
The latest and most exciting discoveries evaluated.
Who were the gladiators and why were they so popular?
A three-hour tour around the "Rose-red City" of Petra.
Gods and Gold
A tour around the Seven Churches of Asia Minor.
Secrets in the Sand
David Down explores some of the most dramatic discoveries in the Middle EAst.
Solomon's Kingdom
David Down explores the furthest limits of Solomon's empire.
The Battle of Shrewsbury
One of the decisive battles in English history which carries a modern message.
Digging Up the Past
David Down's world-famous series on archaeology and the Bible.
The Woman from Banias
The story of the woman who nearly missed Jesus and her struggle to be healed.
Kenilworth and the Common Man
The fortress of Kenilworth Castle has many a grim tale to tell.
Just in Time
Time after time, archaeological discoveries have been made "just in time".
Elephantine and the Messiah
There was a Jewish temple on the island of Elephantine, but that isn't what links the island to the Messiah.