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This is a collection of articles on various archaeological subjects, which may or may not have appeared in our magazines in the past.

The Holy Sepulchre in 3D 15 Nov 2015
The history of the sacred tomb may be murky, but this animated history of the building is brilliant!
The Dagger Men 08 Nov 2015
Fanatics wielding daggers bring - and brought - terror to the streets of Jerusalem.
Gilgamesh Restored 11 Oct 2015
A looted tablet contains a haunting description of Gilgamesh's Cedar Forest.
Maccabee Tombs 27 Sep 2015
News that the tombs of the Maccabees may have been found triggers a series of discursive cogitations.
Hidden doors? 23 Sep 2015
Dr Nicholas Reeves thinks he has found hidden doors in Tut's tomb - but has he?
Vandals in Palmyra 19 Aug 2015
When Muslim fanatics captured the ancient city of Palmyra, vandalism reigned supreme.
The Birmingham of Africa 20 May 2015
The desert kingdom of Meroe found an unlikely source of wealth - and lost it when the trees gave out.
Mangled Mosaics 06 May 2015
Rearranging Roman mosaics is never a good idea, especially when you get down to pixel level!
The Disappearing Aqueduct 29 Apr 2015
The aqueduct swallowed by sand dunes has long intrigued me; now an old book solves the mystery.
Talpiot Tomb Again 08 Apr 2015
When mud has a signature curious results can follow!
Scholarship or Vandalism? 29 Mar 2015
She may be ugly but she was an individual - does she deserved to be sacrificed?
Mysteries Revealed 24 Mar 2015
A dictatorial EU and a threat from UNESCO finally move the Italians to action.
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