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This is a collection of articles on various archaeological subjects, which may or may not have appeared in our magazines in the past.

The Centurion's Servant 05 Oct 2023
Building a synagogue was just small change to a primus pilus in the Roman army.
The Real Siloam will Open 02 Jan 2023
The Read[TM] pool of Siloam will open to visitors in the next couple of years.
The Looted Coin 24 Nov 2022
Was the finder of this coin really looking for quartz on an archaeological site?
Professor Ada Yardeni 22 Sep 2022
A distinguished lady whose work lives on after her in the form of a tiny new discovery.
The Real Bethsaida? 19 Aug 2022
Are two competing sites merely suburbs of the same city or does an ancient church prove otherwise?
The Ancient Curse 21 Jul 2022
A curse tablet from Shechem pushes the earliest Hebrew writing back to 1400 BC.
The Tomb of Christ 22 May 2022
The location of Jesus' tomb has long divided historians and archaeologists. Fortunately, I have the answer.
Standard Bits 02 May 2021
Researchers found that bits of broken bronze and silver conformed to a surprising standard - the first Europe-wide currency!
The Earliest Alphabet? 18 Apr 2021
A potsherd from Lachish appears strikingly similar to doodlings by slave miners with too much time on their hands.
The Mysterious Darius 11 Apr 2021
Josephus says that Darius the Mede had another name among the Greeks - but was that name Cyaxares?
Genuine After All? 11 Mar 2021
When Moses Shapira committed suicide in Holland he left behind a mystery that still intrigues scholars today.
Truth, Lies and Hungry Rock 28 Feb 2021
It may be a pious fraud, but it offers confirmation for a familiar story in the Bible.
The Brewery at Abydos 21 Feb 2021
Did you really need 2,800 gallons of beer for "ritual purposes"?
Who was Esther? 31 Jan 2021
A Jew named after the god Marduk gave his niece the name of a goddess, Ishtar. The result bewitched a Persian king.
The Baboons of Punt 16 Dec 2020
Ancient teeth may solve the mystery of Punt's location - but no surprises are found.
Via Dolorosa 10 Apr 2020
A virtual walk from Gethsemane to Calvary at a time when we are all locked down at home.
Palm Sunday 05 Apr 2020
A virtual walk along what may be the very footsteps of Jesus!
Dead Party Girls 15 Dec 2019
Ancient Egyptians knew the recipe for a successful party - naked girls and perfumed head cones!
The Mysterious Bent Pyramid 21 Aug 2019
The pyramid with a kink, where unexplained winds gust fiercely - and which never held a burial!
Counting the Dead 01 Aug 2019
When Egyptians could cheat when counting severed hands, Rameses III counted something else entirely!
Long Range or Short? 26 Jun 2019
Did Neolithic people really use slings to settle their quarrels in the confined spaces of their homes?
Where, How and When 10 Jun 2019
We know where the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, we know when, but it took a Greek historian to reveal how!
The Incredible Iron Roads 28 May 2019
When the paving wore thin, were the streets of Pompeii paved with iron instead of gold?
Balak or David? 13 May 2019
Which Biblical king is mentioned on the Moabite Stone - the well-known David or the almost unknown Balak?
Rotten Beams and Water Walls 14 Apr 2019
When ancient wooden beams give way, there's nothing better than a plastic bag full of water!
The Eunuch's Bulla 04 Apr 2019
A little lump of mud, worth nothing when new, is now priceless, thanks to a seal impresion
An Egyptian Paedophile? 29 Mar 2019
Did Mereruke show an unhealthy interest in children - and why was one girl clothed?
Ramp Reveals Secrets 04 Nov 2018
The mystery of how the pyramids were built may have been laid to rest in an alabaster quarry.
The Damaged Heel 03 Jun 2018
A criminal in northern Italy is causing excitement in the world of archaeology.
The Spots on the Dice 04 Feb 2018
Is the modern arrangement of spots on a dice really the fairest?
The Date's Correct ... 28 Nov 2017
Did Queen Helena really build the Holy Sepulchre? Ancient light has the answer
Abraham's Surrogacy 19 Nov 2017
Even with a strict legal framework, Abraham's attempt at surrogacy ended up splitting his family.
Is Bethsaida Julias? 08 Aug 2017
New excavations at Bethsaida may reveal Herod Philip's favourite city.
Shiloh Re-excavated 26 Jul 2017
New excavations at Shiloh hope to uncover evidence for the Jewish tabernacle.
The Perfect Storm 10 Mar 2017
When the Bura blows, wise sailors take shelter - if they can. If they can't, disaster awaits.
Crude Graffiti 02 Jan 2017
The crude graffiti of Serabit el-Khadim may have inspired Moses as he wandered with his sheep.
David v. Goliath? 24 Oct 2016
Were the Greeks at Salamis fighting against overwhelming odds?
Lachish Conveniences 02 Oct 2016
You can build a toilet but you can't force people to use it - as Hezekiah found out!
The Puzzle of Thermopylae 06 Sep 2016
Exactly how did 300 Spartans fill a gap a third of a mile wide and keep the Persian hosts at bay?
Atoms and Scythes 21 Jul 2016
Smooth, round atoms and sharp-bladed chariot accessories may seem unlikely companions, but there is a connection!
Dirty Romans! 04 Jul 2016
Did Roman baths improve European hygiene or did they make things worse?
A New High Place 10 Jun 2016
Christopher Tuttle's instinct proved right when he flew a drone over an ancient site.
Skara Brae - a Neolithic Village 30 May 2016
For primitive people, Skara Brae reveals surprising sophistication.
The Golden Ass and the Shroud 20 Mar 2016
Lucius' curiosity about the occult in Thessaly may reveal a fact or two about the Holy Shroud of Turin.
Moses - the Tragedy 02 Mar 2016
Before Hollywood got at it, an ancient Greek playwright turned the Exodus into a play.
A Resigning Matter! 29 Dec 2015
When even the dead are taking pot-shots at your efforts, maybe it's time to give up!
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